. (zissoushoes) wrote in ub_social,

Nine Inch Nails in Rochester

ok I need advice. I'm going to the Nine Inch Nails concert out in Rochester next thursday at the Blue Cross Arena. I'm going with two friends and meeting one of my friends from home (Binghamton) there and none of us know where the arena is. thats not the main issue but we need to know when to leave. we have general admission tickets and from what I've gathered off the arena's website there is going to be about 3000 other people down there with us. so all in all we need to get there find a parking spot and find my friend from home. I want good standing spots so I'm not against standing in line for an hour or two or whatever to get them. any suggestions on how long of a drive/parking/finding my friend time will be, and when to get in line for good spots would be greatly appreciated.


ps. is anyone else going?

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