"in heaven, everyone dreams of the sea..." (professor_eight) wrote in ub_social,
"in heaven, everyone dreams of the sea..."

NFTA deal kaput

So, I called up SRC today, trying to find information on the plan to provide UB students with a reduced cost nfta/metro pass... $25.00 / semester is what they said... starting in the fall semester...

I contacted SRC, and the nice people at SRC transferred me to Student Life... who transferred me to an info booth, and the dude there (Gregory) told me to check the Spectrum online for the information, as it seems "they" (talk alot, don't "they") wrote an article about it in the Summer spectrum issue...

can't find it in the spectrum website, but the nice woman @ the spectrum confirmed that the program is cancelled... and someone would call me with some information on it, since that's how they roll...

can anyone HERE give me a solid reason (please no theory or conjecture) why?
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